Getting Your Canadian Driving License

If you have been driving in the Philippines for a while, here is something to think about when you go home!

Pinoys to Canada

You’ve been driving for ages in the Philippines, and you believe you can easily drive in Canada, right? If you can drive in Manila, you can drive anywhere, right?

Well, that’s what I thought. From what I’ve seen and heard since arriving in Alberta, that’s also what many Filipinos think when they arrive in Canada. I was wrong.

But that’s going ahead of myself. Let’s start with the basics.

Am I Allowed to Drive ?

“Can I drive using my Philippine driver’s license?” If you have a valid Philippine driver’s license, yes, you can drive in Canada for 90 days after landing.

You may be ALLOWED to drive, but CAN you drive SAFELY?

Still, whether or not your Philippine license allows you to drive is beside the point. We’ve established you are allowed to drive for 90 days. The more relevant question is this: “can I drive in Canada without…

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