Gluten-Free Options in the South


If you are on a gluten-free diet and living in or moving to Alabang, be reassured that there are options for you.


Marie, of Kitchen Revolution, is baking a delicious gluten-free bread. Two establishments currently carry her bread: Edgy Veggy Cafe in Kapitolyo, Pasig and Corner Tree Cafe on Jupiter St, Makati. If you live in Alabang, you can pick up your bread from her directly. Contact her to place your order.


In my opinion, Marie’s bread is very tasty (reminding me of whole-wheat bread) and the texture is moist and very pleasant, without the dryness or stickiness found in many gluten-free breads.

Dining out

You will find something you can eat on the menu of most restaurants. However, depending on how intolerant or sensitive to gluten you are, you will have to be careful when checking what you can eat with your waiter, as the concept of gluten-free is not always clearly understood. I remember asking once in a steak house whether a soup was containing flour, hearing a clear “no” in the answer, only to receive a soup that consisted of a broth with a slice of bread floating in the middle of the plate.

To be on the safe side, P.F. Chang’s (Alabang Town Center) offers a gluten-free menu.

A side note on soy sauce

A 2012 study has shown that some soy sauces had only minimal traces of gluten in them, so if you feel up to it and don’t experience adverse reactions, chances are you can include many Asian restaurants in your outings. Check with the restaurants what soy sauce they are using. Remember that gluten is not the only potential issue with soy sauce: chemically made soy sauces, MSG and preservatives are to be considered too.


Healthy Options, located in ATC and Festival Mall, has a wide choice of gluten-free cereals, pastas, cookies and snacks from brands such as Ancient Quinoa Harvest, Andean Dream, EnerG, EnviroKidz, Erewhon, Kinnikinnick, Pamela’s products, Schär, Tinkyada, and a few others.

Healthy Options also sells many gluten-free flours from Bob’s Red Mill. So if you want to bake your own bread, it is possible.

The assortment is a little different in the two stores, and in case you don’t find everything you need, you can either ask the sales assistant to place an order for you or you can visit their bigger shop in Greenbelt 5 (Makati – 20-30 min. drive).

Some EnviroKidz cereals can also be found in Makati Supermarket (located in ATC). White rice flour can be found in most supermarkets and is cheaper in the supermarkets than in specialty stores.

Metro Supermarket (located in ATC) also has a selection of gluten-free cookies, snacks and pasta in its international section. From what I have experienced, the assortment varies and I do not find every time the same products, so it is always a good idea to have enough stock of your favorite items.

Finally, South Supermarket has a selection of gluten-free pasta (made in Italy), but they don’t have gluten-free cookies and other snacks.

Soy sauce

I have not been able yet to find Kikkoman Gluten-Free Soy Sauce or any other gluten free soy sauce. However, Bragg Liquid Aminos, a gluten-free alternative to soy sauce is sold in Healthy Options, Metro Supermarket and South Supermarket. The only thing I personally don’t like with this product is that I find it very salty, so I generally cut it with water instead of using it as regular soy sauce.

If you have any suggestion or tip that you would like to add, you are welcome to use the comments (moderated)!

Written by ALIG member C. Bertazzo Currat

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