2013 ALIG Flood Relief Efforts

Flood.9-1115.jpgMembers serving food with the ALIG Flood Relief Program
When typhoon Maring first hit, ALIG was the first organization knocking on the door of The Red Cross to offer help. With their help, we bought and distributed 90 packs of dry goods and 16 XL boxes of clothing, blankets towels, shoes etc., donated by ALIG members, to the evacuated families in Tunasan.
Through our charity contacts we found 4 other evacuation centers in desperate need of help and have helped with providing hot food, clothing and dry goods to them too.
Since starting our flood relief initiatives, we have served hot food to over 3,200 individuals from 7 evacuation centers, distributed packs of dry goods to 345 families and packed 245 bundles of clothes and hygiene items. We’ve even handed out a large bag of lollipops to the children care of member Susan Elliott!
Some of our own charities have also been affected and during the1st few weeks we cooked hot food for 800 people in our Cataquiz community and distributed dry goods to 200 families. At the Southside Dumpsite we fed all the children in the community and provided the Dumpsite School with 50kg of rice and 5,000 pesos to feed the children in the education program during the rainy days.   
We are continuing to help 2 evacuation centers, delivering drinking water twice a week and hot food once a week. We have also assisted with much needed medical supplies, working through Kanlungan sa Er-Ma Ministryand a local health clinic.
Members Doris and Ramona visiting families at a tent camp.

The sense of community spirit from ALIG has been fantastic and thank you to all of you that volunteered your time, donated clothing and towels etc. and those of you that added to our collection of over 70,000 pesos, we have been putting it all to good use. We are always in need of volunteers to help during the cooking and distribution at the evacuation centers, especially as heavy rains have once again descended. Please contact the charity team if you have some time to spare to help these families.

For Alig,

S. Ferguson

October update:

The charities team continues to reach out to affected communities.  This past Wednesday, October 2nd, we served 250 families who have lost most of their belongings due to flooding.  Four coolers of hot soup was served as well as providing 22-15 gallon containers of fresh drinking water.  The meal was paid for by donations from ALIG members, just php2250 fed them all!  It was wonderful to see all the smiling faces and to know how appreciative they all are.  Keep up the great work ALIG!

water Providing clean water is vital to the community.  


M. Bookless