ALIG Super Typhoon Relief Efforts – Overview

ALIG Typhoon Relief Team Mission

• Our criteria is to provide direct donations of food, supplies or

medicines to those impacted by Typhoon Yolanda exclusively

through a trusted source with a secure method of transportation

and protected method of direct distribution if we are unable to

distribute directly ourselves.

• We strive in every project to apply the greatest advantage from

the monetary donations we receive by utilizing resources, vendors

and contacts which enable us to make the most of every peso

received, thereby assisting in a way that individuals or donors

abroad would not be able to achieve on their own.

• We are continuing to work to prioritize providing aid to those who

may be receiving little or inconsistent support. This is constantly

being reassessed to make sure we move to rehabilitation support

when practical.

We focus on involving ALIG members wherever practical.

What have we accomplished so far?


photo 3 (2) Members and their families packing relief kits.

• Thanks to the extremely generous contributions of ALIG, current

and past ALIG members, their employers, and their friends

and family abroad, donations ALIG has received approximately

800,000 php and counting.

• We have hosted two packing relief events where dozens of ALIG

members and their families and friends pitched in to pack donated

goods and those purchased by ALIG with donated funds.

• Sent nearly 2,000 various emergency kits (hygiene, infant and

food) as well as significant supplies of cases of water and food in

two shipments via a Norwegian Training Center vessel. (The first

to Tacloban area, the second to Cebu area)

• Volunteer referrals

• Sent hundreds of donated stuffed animals for traumatized children

to Villamor AFB for evacuees arriving off the plane.

• Purchased and sent a generator for people living in Bohol,

enabling them to provide power to the water pump that, now

running, will soon be giving their community access to clean water.

• Purchased and donated medications and medical supplies for

MANGGYAN Medical Mission organized by volunteer Makati Med

physicians providing their services free of charge.

Current Project Info, with details to come

• We will be announcing plans for working at the Villamoor Air Force

Base to distribute emergency kits and donated goods and aiding

the relief efforts for evacuees arriving to Manila.

What’s ahead?

• As with all emergency ALIG efforts, this is a member-driven

program. Your support (whether you are donating time, effort,

goods or cash) enables us to continue our activities.

• We are currently evaluating a handful of additional ways to provide

ongoing relief. Please check back for updates soon.

Packing Goods ready to be divided into family packs.

A big thanks for all you are doing from the Typhoon Relief Team:

Maraia, Precilla, Sharon, Ramona, Suzanne & Fawn

(Please don’t forget that ALIG Charities also has ongoing regularly

scheduled charity commitments, which will continue as planned. Your

participation is, as always, welcomed.)


F. Babin