Typhoon Yolanda Update

Since the first few days following Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, Alabang Ladies International Group, Inc. (ALIG) has continued its commitment to providing support to the survivors.

The donations continue to come in from members and their employers, families and friends around the world. The ALIG Super Typhoon Relief team is coordinating the best use of those donations by utilizing ALIG contacts, volunteers and their resources wherever possible. Assessments and updated requests of assistance for various impacted areas continue to come in. Our team carefully screens new opportunities to provide assistance to those still so desperately in need, while applying the maximum value to the donations received. There are exciting things in the works, and we will be able to give specific details very soon of our next outreach project.

ALIG volunteers have come together week after week to pack hygiene packs, and baby packs that have been shipped to Tacloban, and Cebu. These kits are also distributed to evacuees arriving in Manila at Villamor Air Force Base, and will be sent in an upcoming shipment that will leave within the next week. In addition, volunteers visited the Air Force Base several times, dropping off relief goods, and at times, distributing goods to the evacuees landing there. Medications have been purchased for the area of southern Leyte called Isabel, and will be shipped along with relief kits any day now.

As is to be expected in times of crisis, procedures and needs in these early stages are in a constant state of flux, and this can lead to last minute requests or cancellation of plans. In spite of this, spirits remain high. Volunteers from various organizations, including ours, are undeterred, and happy to jump in when called upon. Through direct communication with ALIG members and social networking, the word can spread quickly when rides are needed for evacuees, when relief goods need to get to a certain area, or even when we need to update what kind of donations are being sought.

We strive to keep you updated on our progress, and appreciate that you are willing to put your trust in ALIG in making sure relief goods get to the people who need it most. We are forever grateful to all of the generous donors, volunteers, cheerleaders and the other organizations with whom we have had the privilege to work in the past several weeks. We would like to mention the following organizations that have enabled our relief efforts in various ways;

– Norwegian Training Center- Manila, (who shipped tons of relief goods on our behalf),

– MANGGYAN, a volunteer group of mostly doctors from Makati Medical Center, (who are making trips to give relief aid and medical care in harder to reach islands)

– Oplan Hatid, a volunteer organization that arranges volunteer drivers who shuttle evacuees arriving to Manila, and distribute our relief kits,

-Brent International School, who’s generous donations help fill our kits

-Santa Fe Moving and Relocation Services, who generously transported relief supplies to Manila for transport

It is amazing to see people from around the world and around our local communities come together to help those affected by the typhoon. This disaster is an opportunity to reflect and be grateful for all of the blessings we have been given. Hopefully we can spread those many blessings to others as they move toward rebuilding their lives after this wide scale disaster.


S. Mukai

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  1. Thank you ladies for all your work. It is heartwarming to read your updates, as the media interest in the typhoon has (already) weaned out here.

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