Happy New Year! Time has flown, the holiday season is over, and it’s time to get back to work. The ALIG Charities group continues to support all of its regular programs, and is also working with PASAR Foundation to rebuild the Mahayag school in Leyte. We will keep you up to date on the progress being made at the school. We are very excited to be a part of such an important project. In addition, ALIG donated sixty thousand pesos to Brent School, to help fund their school rehabilitation project in Leyte. Maraia Bookless had the opportunity to visit Ormoc just before Christmas and was involved with the on-site relief efforts firsthand. In addition to ALIG providing support in the form of tools, tarps building supplies and relief goods to Carolyn Cliff (the Registered Nurse who organized and led this endeavor, along with PASAR, and Springboard), Maraia was able to go in person and help with delivering and handing out relief goods(she covered the cost of her own transportation).

Please read this excerpt from Maraia’s thoughts on her experience in Ormoc:

          I had the privilege of going to Ormoc with a team of volunteers associated with Springboard in early December. Ormoc was one  of the hardest hit areas from Typhoon Yolanda (category 5), and the people who live there among the poorest in the Philippines. Springboard conducted a medical mission and distributed relief goods to those in need. This mission was spearheaded by Springboard, with support from ALIG and PASAR. ALIG donated over 270,000 pesos of relief goods, including food, water, tarpolines, wheelbarrows, spades, saws, nails, strings, working gloves, and hygiene packs. It was fantastic to see the relief goods handed out directly to Typhoon Yolanda survivors. No need to worry that they were being repackaged or held in a warehouse. When we were driving out of the area the following day, I was delighted to see many of the 560 tarpolines we handed out already in use, (covering houses that sustained damage from the typhoon).There were two hundred twenty families who walked seven kilometers from nearby mountains to receive their relief goods. They were so excited, and very thankful for the help. The medical team was able to see over 350 patients. Most had skin problems, dehydration, dental problems and colds. The team worked from 8am to 6pm and managed to see every single patient that was waiting to be treated. The medical center was partially destroyed and is in need of repairs. The roof is covered each night to protect the interior and supplies. Medications were donated to the clinic and will be used as needed. A big thank you to Springboard, ALIG, Caroline Cliff and all those who donated locally and abroad. Without your support, my trip to Ormoc would have been impossible. Thank you to our host PASAR, who helped coordinate and provided accommodations and food. We were well looked after and very touched by their hospitality.


S. Mukai