FSF Now at Children’s Garden

If you’ve never been to Fresh Start Friday, now is a great chance to spend a morning with around 60 children from the nearby dumpsite. ALIG’s program has moved to a larger, outdoor location known as ‘The Children’s Garden.’  No longer crammed into a small classroom at the edge of the dump, the children walk an additional 5 minutes for a covered area, twice the size of the indoor space with an adjacent garden and play structure!

ALIG members still play with and feed the children, but with the new location, it is more comfortable, multiple activities can be led simultaneously and there is room for more ALIG members to join in. There is room for moms and Lola’s to come along and they are pitching in to wash the lunch dishes.

Yes, there are now dishes.  For the cost of 2-3 weeks of disposable plates, cups and spoons, ALIG Charities bought plastic bowls and cups and now the crockery rental now has fancy, matching cutlery!

For more information on how to join this event and volunteer your time for a great cause, please refer to the relevant messages within the Members’ only Yahoo Group Forum.

Other ALIG Charities Updates!
•ALIG is sending 135 students to school for the 2014-15 school year.!
•The Ball raised P923,878. The garage sale raised P113,600! Thank you to everyone who participated in both these events!!
•Crockery rental and book sales support charity programs, shop local for great deals and a great cause!