Day Trip: Tagaytay

One of the many ways ALIG members connect with one another is by exploring their beautiful host country together.

Volunteer ALIG coordinators plan day trips and activities to interesting and unique destinations within driving distance of Alabang.


During the hot Philippine summer month of April, ALIG organized an outing to a cooler destination, Tagaytay, which just a 90 minute drive south of Alabang.


On a recent excursion, members first dined at “Breakfast at Antonio’s”, then traveled down the road to take in the breathtaking view of Taal Valcano from Taal Vista Hotel.


ALIG members then trekked along the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road to visit some wonderful roadside vendors for the famous sweet Tagaytay pineapple, and other delicious fresh produce.Tagaytay3

From there, members stopped at the various plant shops. Continuing down the highway, there were shops for custom wood furniture and products (for which Tagaytay is well-known), lanai furniture and amazing household and garden pottery.

Tagaytay6Tagaytay2A great day was had by all, for new and veteran members alike!

Written by: Fawn Babin