ALIG Activities` Emergency Prep & Health Open House, April 25th

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us today for ALIG Activities’ Emergency Prep & Health Open House. The first step is to get informed, the next steps are to make a plan!
Here is the  highlight reel of our day. We will be sharing some helpful info for those of you who missed the event.

Emergency HeaderWe will be encouraging you all to complete your Family Disaster plans, preparing your emergency household kits and Go Bags and informing you of ways to participate in our community preparedness projects.

We would like to acknowledge our special contributors and medical visitors include:
– Barangay Kapitan Ruben Baes & Team
– Dr. Nichols & Dr. Cameron Nichols
– Asian Eye Institute
– Dra. Hamada
– Lifeline Clinic
– AAVA Lifeline Clinic
– Intercare Alabang

And my most heartfelt thanks to the ALIG Activities Team for working on this event since February. Thanks to Angie Maidment, Melissa Nichols, & Charlyn Cowley Coates

Fawn Babin, member of the 2017 ALIG Activities Team