ALIG Garage Sale – our success for Charities

Our twice a year Charity garage sale held May 16th at one of our generous member`s home was again a great success. This sale serves as a great example of how our members come together to help make a difference in the community in a variety of ways, from hands on work to participating from a distance. Together we donated items, sorted, priced, purchased and worked at the sale. Everyone worked dependent upon the others, making the overall success of the event possible. Those participating in hands on work got to know more about and build on friendships with those they worked alongside.18553029_10155056130992745_1869052870_o


In total, we had 69 ALIG members and non-member residents of the village donate items which allowed us to have a nice amount of items to offer for sale. Our in-person and online presales of nicer items exclusively to members made up 30% of our sales and the remainder was made on the sale day. Our exclusive ALIG helpers portion of our presale (a benefit of working for an ALIG member) was as usual the majority of our business as our members gave their staff a little time off and spending money to use exclusively at the sale (essentially a direct donation to ALIG).

100% of the money raised from the sale will be put to good use supporting ALIGs Charities Initiatives.

A huge thank you to all of those involved as without your support it wouldn’t be possible.


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