SOCIAL EVENT: Christmas & Halloween explained Filipino Style! Oct. 4th

The Halloween & Christmas Holidays explained Filipino style!!

1. How is Halloween celebrated in the Philippines (i.e., in the cities and in the provinces);
2. What is our local version of Halloween in the Philippines – this portion can deal with local superstitions and our local versions of ghosts, ghouls, spirits etc.
3. Who celebrates Halloween in the Philippines?

1. How is Christmas celebrated in the Philippines;
2. Gift giving during our Christmas celebrations
3. What to give to whom? such as what to give your spouses colleagues and subordinates at work, your household help, your neighbors, your Filipino friends?

Join our speaker Menchu Consing as she explains the upcoming holidays of Christmas and Halloween here in Manila! Menchu is happy to answer all of your questions about expectations and beliefs here in the Philippines.

Cost is 500 pesos, payable that day. Feel free to bring a friend!

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

*Only for ALIG members and friends. Do not wait, join us today.