Day Social Event: Nutritious News

On Friday 8th March it is ‘International Women’s Day’ & to help celebrate this, ALIG would like to present & demonstrate how to nourish your body, mind and soul.

Our very own Lori, Natalia & Sekar will also be educating us on some ‘Nutritious News’ for a healthier lifestyle for both adults & children!

Here is an insight into what they will be presenting:

Come and listen to a talk by Natalia Eldon, a Nutrition Advisor from Denmark. Presenting how certain foods can affect our children and us, as adults as well. Does food really affect our mood? Which sugars are better than others? Why does gluten have such a bad reputation? The talk will be followed by a beautiful & inspiring Food Presentation by Sekar Steenwelle-Narewari – let’s make Food Art together, there’s always creativity inside every parent!

Lori Voss-Furukawa is an Internationally Inspired Health & Wellness Educator, Positive Life Coach, Hatha-based Yoga Instructor, Energy Worker and Compassionate Cook. Lori’s approach to nutrition is in tune with nature while tapping into the energy of foods, our bodies and universal energy. Gain a new perspective on how, what & when to eat. No expensive supplements are required, only knowledge, management and whole foods. Any one can do it!