Mabuhay Club: Begins March 12, 2019, Register Today

Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines!  “Mabuhay” is a popular way to say “Welcome” in Tagalog.

New to Manila and ALIG?
The ALIG Mabuhay Club provides you with the perfect opportunity to discuss your surroundings, experience some of the local culture and make new friends.

What is the Mabuhay Club?
This informal group welcomes new members who have lived in the Philippines for less than one year, who have not been enrolled in Mabuhay previously. Unfortunately, due to logistics, the group size is limited. This club is open to ALIG Members only.


We hope you’ll join us! For any questions or to register for the ALIG Mabuhay Club please contact

Registration is necessary but there is no charge. ALIG Membership required.

See our membership page to join ALIG.