Fresh Start Friday – coming Friday

Simply spending a few hours of your day bringing a smile to a child’s face by showing them they are not forgotten by engaging in play (coloring, blocks, etc). Have visitors in town? Kids out of school? They are both welcome when accompanied by a member. Joining us? Please contact: John Albert Hantz

Alig summer-break lunch

We put the world to rights an an intimate lunch@Cafe Breton!

Upcoming Social Event – The Alig Speak easy, September 9th

Guys grab your fedoras, dolls don your flapper dresses and join us for a roaring twenties party.* Show up at 8 o’clock on Saturday, September the ninth. Make sure you are not being followed by anyone as to tip off the whereabouts of the establishment. Doors will be locked, so have your tickets and password […]

Fresh Start Friday

ALIG’s weekly feeding program takes place every Friday. Babies and children gather together with their mothers to eat a hot nutritious meal. Snacks and treats are donated by members of ALIG and local community members. During this time we brush teeth with toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by PreDentive dental offices in the United States. The […]


Fresh Start Friday is our (ALIG’s) weekly feeding program for disadvantaged children residing in the Southside dumpsite. In celebration for the Easter season, this week we had special games and crafts for the kids to enjoy as well as an egg hunt! The attendance from the children was great and we all had a lot […]

A wonderful new school year

The Philippine local school year begins on Monday June 5th. Our 165 sponsored first grade through high school students are prepared for success. Their backpacks full of new school supplies. Uniforms clean and new. PE shoes laced up. Hearts happy. Smiles enormous. As they excitedly walked away today you would hear them say, “Salamat Po.” […]

ALIG Garage Sale – our success for Charities

Our twice a year Charity garage sale held May 16th at one of our generous member`s home was again a great success. This sale serves as a great example of how our members come together to help make a difference in the community in a variety of ways, from hands on work to participating from […]

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