Here is a selection of recommended readings to help you settle into your new life in the Philippines. Remember, however, that these are the authors individual interpretations or stories and are only recommended to give you a general insight into life in the Philippines. You will need to make your own judgement.

“Arrival Survival”: sponsored by the Union Church of Manila

Arrival Survival Book Flyer imageWhat’s what and where can you find it in Manila? “Arrival Survival” has the answers to these and many other questions. This indispensable guide is not only for those newly arrived in Manila, it’s also for those who have lived here for a while and who may have missed something! Packed with useful information, humorous anecdotes, helpful hints, detailed lists, and recommended websites, this handbook is sure to help all expatriates cope with every-day life here.

ARRIVAL SURVIVAL has been updated for the Manila of today from its former title, the Hospitality International Guidebook, published frequently by the Union Church of Manila over the past 20 years.

Laugh and learn with us as you discover how “Yes” can mean so much more than “Yes”, how size matters (you may suddenly become an extra large alien) or how your helper may not always do things the way you would do them (DVDs arranged by color).

Read about time-saving tips, clues on climate, coping with critters and how to achieve domestic bliss (not the marital kind!), written by a team of people with a wealth of experience accumulated during their years in the Philippines.

On sale at any ALIG Newcomers’ Coffee Morning in Alabang / PHP 500.

Culture Shock! Philippines, A Guide to Customs and Etiquette by Alfredo & Grace Roces.

Read this, if you’re new to the Philippines as it gives a deep insight in the Philippine culture. Culture  Shock! Philippines is sold by Amazon.

Don’t Take A Bath On A Friday (Philippine Superstitions and Folk Beliefs)

Don't Take a Bath on a FridayFor better or worse, superstitions and folk beliefs have influenced the lives of generations of Filipinos. From brooding over broken mirrors to never taking a bath on a Friday, these deeply-rooted beliefs reveal much about the Filipino style. This book can also be found on Amazon. In the Philippines, National Book Store and PowerBooks sell it.

Philippines Travel Guide by Jens Peters

This is our recommended book for all your travel plans in the Philippines.