Education Sponsorship Program

ALIG’s Education Program has been running since 2012 and was developed in an effort to make a true, lasting difference in our local community.

We currently sponsor 150 children to attend Southville 3A Elementary School and work closely with the school and contacts from the local communities to find parents who are striving to give their children a better life.

When families have proven that their child’s education is a priority by sending them to school for at least a year, they are eligible to apply for sponsorship.


ALIG’s Support

School Supplies & Uniforms
Each child is presented with new shoes, a uniform, PE kit including sports shoes, school supplies and backpacks at the beginning of the school year.

The ALIG Canteen
We have our own canteen and cook at the school providing each sponsored child with a nutritious, hot lunch every day.

For the children living too far to walk to the school, there is an ALIG sponsored jeepney.

Program Management
Beyond the purchasing and distribution of all the school supplies and uniforms, and managing the accounts for the ALIG Canteen, we also monitor the children themselves.  We track their BMI to check for weight gain/nutrition improvement and monitor their attendance to ensure sponsorship places are given to those that are committed to the programme.

How you can help?

Attend school visits organized by the charity team to get to know the students, including clean-up day, an annual Christmas party, a sports day and graduation ceremony.

Donate new or used backpacks; school supplies such as pens, crayons, paper, craft materials; black shoes or training shoes; and raincoats or umbrellas for use during the rainy season.

Sponsor a child – purchase gift certificates and help send a child to school.
– 400 pesos pays for a hot nutritious meal every school day for a whole month
– 1500 pesos will buy a child a backpack and all their school materials, uniforms and shoes
– 3600 pesos provides a child with a hot nutritious lunch every school day for a whole year
– 6000 pesos gives a child all their supplies and uniforms, transport and a hot nutritious lunch each day for the entire school year.