Courses and Seminars

Not used to having so much time on your hands? Eager to discover the culture and the country? We have collected some of our favourite things to do to settle in and discover new hobbies.

Seminar “Introduction to Living in the Philippines”

Are you one of those unlucky ones whose relocation company simply transported your things from point A to point B? In Touch offers a seminar “Introduction to living in the Philippines”.
For many newcomers to the Philippines, a common assumption is that although we are in Asia, the Western trappings and the use of the English language will make our transition to the Philippines a snap. Reality soon sets in and we are reminded that this is indeed a different culture with different cultural values. To help make this adaptation as smooth and efficient as possible, ITCS provides a five hour open seminar.

Introduction to Living in the Philippines is designed for newly arrived expatriates to aid their adaption to life and work in the Philippines.

The seminar provides both a general examination of culture and cultural adaptation, as well as specific insights into Filipino culture and behavioir using the participants’own culture as references.

Where: In Touch Office, 2/F Holy Trinity Bldg., # 48 McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City

Seminar “Managing Your Household Staff”

In Touch is also offering the seminar “Managing Your Household Staff” by Gigi Gatti.
This seminar aims to help you understand social, legal and cultural aspects of managing your domestic helpers.
They will discuss hiring, termination practices, legal issues, compensation schemes and issues involve live-in and live-out domestic helpers.

Where: In Touch Office, 2/F Holy Trinity Bldg., # 48 McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City

History Course

The history course presented by the Museum Volunteers of the Philippines comes highly recommanded by several of our ALIG members.

This hands-on, seminar style course is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Philippines. Gain deeper understanding of the country that is your (new) home through participatory presentations, field trips, guest speakers and special events.

The course will run from September to May in Makati and will cover major historical events in the Philippines from pre-colonial period to the modern day. All you need is your enthusiasm for learning!


With coastline in seas from Japan, the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Celebes Sea, the Philippines has some of the best diving in Southeast Asia. There is something for everyone – from a novice to the expert.

Anilao and Puerto Galera are dives sites close to Alabang. But as internal flight rates are low, you can easily go further to the underwater paradise in Apo Island (Negros) or go wreck diving in Subic or Coran Bay (Palawan), see whalesharks at Leyte or go overall diving in Bohol and Cebu.

Only have experience with snorkling so far? Why not start your PADI course while you are here? It’s easy to find Nemo amongst the anemones. The Philippines has over 500 different types of coral and more than 2,400 types of fish. The warm tropical water awaits you.

Photography Resources

(September 2008, updated April 2013)

One of the great things about living in Manila is the plethora of affordable training
courses offered in English. If you are looking to hone (or in my case, find) some photography skills, then Manila is certainly the place to be. In any given month there are numerous courses offered ranging from the basic (how to switch on your new SLR) to the specific (food photography, fine art nude photography.. etc).

Typically these courses are run by industry leaders, so you really can learn from the masters for a fraction of the price you would pay at home. The only trick is figuring out which course is right for you, although who says you only need to do one?

To get you started, below are the links to two main course providers. Don’t hesitate to ask around for more tips, or read one of the excellent locally produced photography magazines, I-Mag, Photography or Digital Photographer Philippines.

PCCI – Philippine Center for Creative Imaging
Generally regarded as the premier digital training hub in the country, PCCI offers a comprehensive range of courses for photographers and digital artists.  The Basic Photography course is run over 3 intensive days, and they also offer specialized photography courses.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn about portraiture, wedding, food and product photography check out their online schedule.

Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation
Offering basic and advanced photography, every month. Over 1,600 graduates have attended the workshops since 1995, many of whom have gone on to become professional photographers and to win national contests against more experienced photographers.