Donate to ALIG Charities

While there are many ways to support our charity initiatives, still the most important is your cash donation.  100% of  your donation will go to fund our charities.  ALIG administration costs are funded from our membership dues.  So when you make a donation, you know that all of it goes to support the children in need.

Spread Christmas cheer and fill some bellies.

Donate to our Hampers for Christmas fund. More info here.

Education Sponsorship Program

Donate and sponsor our students! Your donation gives a child the supplies and uniforms, transport and a hot nutritious lunch they need for the school year.

Every pesos helps! Here’s an idea of what we can provide to the children with your donation.

1000 pesos (~$20US): pays for a hot meal for 50 kids

2500 pesos (~$50US): pays for school supplies, uniforms and transportation for one child for an entire school year

5000 pesos (~$100US): pays for safe transportation for 100 children from the dumpsite to school for one week

7500 pesos (~$150US): pays for one child for an entire school year

Choose your own donation amount

Click below to specify your own donation amount.  Each peso helps!

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