Donate to ALIG Charities

While there are many ways to support our charity initiatives, still the most important is your cash donation.  100% of  your donation will go to fund our charities.  ALIG administration costs are funded from our membership dues.  So when you make a donation, you know that all of it goes to support the children in need.

Education Sponsorship Program

Donate and sponsor our students! Your donation gives a child the supplies and uniforms, transport and a hot nutritious lunch they need for the school year.

Every pesos helps! Here’s an idea of what we can provide to the children with your donation.

1000 pesos (~$20US): pays for a hot meal for 50 kids

2500 pesos (~$50US): pays for school supplies, uniforms and transportation for one child for an entire school year

5000 pesos (~$100US): pays for safe transportation for 100 children from the dumpsite to school for one week

7500 pesos (~$150US): pays for one child for an entire school year

Choose your own donation amount

Click below to specify your own donation amount.  Each peso helps!

Donate in Philippines Peso:

Donate in US Dollars:

Direct Deposit to ALIG Bank Account:

If you are here in the Philippines you can deposit the funds directly into our account with the following account info:

  • Bank: Union Bank
  • Bank account # : 002180010807
  • Account name: Alabang Ladies International Group Inc.

Please send a note to to let us know that you’ve made a donation. Thanks!