The ALIG Mabuhay Club

One of ALIG’s priorities continues to be a focus on reaching out to newcomers who have come from all over the world and may be just a little lost or overwhelmed in their new home country. The ALIG Mabuhay Club is an informal group that aims to be a source of information on the Alabang surrounds, a way to connect to the community and other members, as well as an intro to the Philippines. We hope to help new members enrich their expat experience in a way they may not have even imagined.

The Mabuhay Club is held twice a year and  consists of 4+ week s of outings with an outing each week.  Sometimes there are a few fun social events sprinkled in as well.  Each week is carefully planned by the coordinators to help new members expand their view and understanding of their new home, together with other members who happily share their experiences and knowledge.

The first week of the program usually focuses on acclimating members to the village of Ayala Alabang. Members will hop on an authentic and popular form of Philippines transportation; the jeepney. Attendees will visit some local parks, locate convenient ATM’s and find the water refilling stations. They’ll visit the (Ayala Alabang Village Association) AAVA Office to learn about obtaining a Barangay ID, visit the medical center and discover various shops around the village.

Mabuhay Jeepney Trip 2017

The next outings takes members outside the gates of our village to the Alabang local area and around metro Manila.

While the interesting activities themselves are the initial appeal, the members soon find themselves with an expanding group of friends with whom they have already shared some really great experiences. 

Email for more info on this twice annual event.