Social Activities

As a member of ALIG, you have the opportunity to join a whole range of activities to to see why it is “more fun in the Philippines”.  The ALIG team organises regular social events and activities throughout the year. There are a wide range of activities to cater to different interests and needs.

Day social activities offer not only many opportunities to explore the sights of the Philippines, but also the chance to participate in regular social events, where you can meet other members of the ALIG community. Day time activities include:

  • Field trips/excursions to various tourist and local attractions.
  • Group outings such as shopping and lunch ventures.
  • A monthly ALIG Book Club.
  • Various craft activities.
  • Monthly members & newcomers morning tea sessions.
  • Monthly ALIG ladies luncheon.

Night socials bring members together to enjoy a host of wonderful restaurants, bars and night life in Manila. There are also monthly dinner clubs if you are interested in exploring the many diverse and interesting culinary delights in Manila.

Sporting Activities cater for all levels of fitness and ability. If you enjoy walking, zumba, tennis, golf or cycling to name a few, there is a group for you.

Other activities offered range from history courses to photography and cooking classes. Perhaps you have something to offer the group too. We are always open to individuals hosting a variety of activities or information sharing sessions for the benefit of our members.

The ALIG Mabuhay Club is an informal group that is organised primarily for the benefit of our newer members. Check out the details of what this group offers on our Mabuhay Club page.